A Holiday Greeting and Special Thanks to Our Clients, Partners, and Staff

2013 was a tumultuous yet inspirational year in New England, especially for our community of amputee men, women, and children. While the tragic events of the Boston Marathon cast a shadow over us for what seemed like an interminable amount of time, they also helped raise awareness of the amputee community and bring more attention to technological advancements in prosthetics, as well as the need for continued support of people living with limb loss – from an emotional, financial, and overall health standpoint.

At the time of year when we reflect on the past and look forward to the future, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight a few of the stories that represent our year.

Here are just a few of these remarkable stories:

‘Next Step Kids’ were featured in the New Hampshire Union Leader:

The kids touched all of our hearts this year, sharing their experiences in their own words and proving that friendships are always the best medicine.

‘Boston Strong’ community came together during and after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, underscoring the positive outcome of this unthinkable tragedy:

  • After running 26+ miles of a marathon, many marathoners RAN straight to area hospitals to give blood for the victims.
  • Businesses and individuals throughout New England, the country, and the world supported survivors by contributing millions of dollars to the One Fund.
  • In the months since these events, the outreach and support shown by our communities at large has been tremendous. New England is ‘Boston Strong’, and your support goes a long way toward the lifetime care these survivors have ahead of them.

Next Step had the chance to share our message with the Ross A. Lurgio Middle School in Bedford NH and through our social media communities:

The Lurgio School offered us a unique opportunity to present to their 400+ student body, and a few of our clients helped teach the students about “life without limits.” We also got to demonstrate the DEKA Luke Arm, the iWalk BiOM, and Prosthetist Jason Lalla’s Paralympic gold medals for skiing.

Overcoming numerous odds as a Rwandan refugee and cancer survivor, Newton client Claudine graduated high school and headed off to college! Her story was featured in the Boston Herald.

Next Step was a first time exhibitor at the Amputee Coalition of America conference in Orlando, FL.

The clients who came to represent us at the booth and shared their stories were Roseann Sdoia and Lexy Morel.

Several Next Step clients and prosthetists were featured throughout the year by media outlets like ABC News, NBC News, The Huffington Post, Fox News, The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, USA Today, and many others.

We are privileged to have national media attention, in order to be a resource to the amputee community, provide access to the latest bionic and prosthetic technology, help build limb loss awareness, and share the successes and struggles of our clients.

Next Step staff and clients participated in adaptive activities on a personal and corporate level, including AmpSurf and Camp No Limits, to show that they truly have NO LIMITS and be encouraged among peers.

Our clients Andrew, Carter, Lexy, Jack, and many others shared photos, videos, and stories of significant accomplishments with our social media community, illustrating to others that an active lifestyle is possible and that amputees can thrive with the help of prostheses.

Prosthetist Jason Lalla, his client Andrew, and Newton client Roseann headed out to Breckenridge, CO to participate in the Disabled Sports USA Hartford Ski Spectacular. Jason is named the 2013 National Disabled Ski Hall of Fame recipient in the competition category as part of this event!

Using his prosthesis, Andrew snowboarded for the first time as a BK amputee.

Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, formerly Orthotics & Prosthetics, also underwent a name change and rebranding, launched a new website, and reemphasized support, technology, expertise, commitment and attention for every client. Our goal this year, and every year, is to help clients reach their goals and achieve their prosthetic potential.

To our community of friends, clients, colleagues, staff, business partners, and supporters – we are eternally grateful to work with you and thankful that you have chosen us as your provider.

Happy Holidays to you all!