Where Have Your Feet Been This Summer?

We recently hosted a contest called ‘Where Have Your Feet Been?’, and asked our Facebook community members to share photos of themselves living it up this summer, and showing us how they enjoy their time off.

We were wowed by all of the wonderful submissions and great captions! We love to see what you do for fun, and how you enjoy your time off with friends and family, and would love to share it with the rest of our community here.

So here’s a peak into what our #ClientsInAction have been up to this summer:

Starting with the winner with 322 Votes!

#ClientsInAction Pool Time

“Quality time in the pool !!! Love my new legs and I love Next Step !!!”

2 - The Bravest Man I Have Ever Known

“The bravest man i have even known.. My big brother Jack… Not afraid to live life to the fullest… My hero….”

3 - Old Man on the Mountain“Old Man on the Mountain Tribute site. Sitting by Echo Lake.”

4 - Just Another Day at the Beach

“Just another day at the beach.”

5 - Life Rolls on Event Venice Beach

“Life rolls on event Venice beach,.CA 7/19/14. Wouldn’t be able to do the activities I do if it wasn’t for Next Step!”

6 - Summer in Maine

“Summer in Maine. Relaxing pool day!”

7 - Sisters Leaving Lasting Memories

“Sisters ❤ Leaving lasting memories in the sand.”

8 - Enjoying Some Hiking at Mt. Monadnock“Enjoying some hiking at Mt. Monadnock. Summer 14”

9 - Julia and Carter Getting Ready to go Kayaking

“Julia and Carter getting ready to go kayaking at Camp No Limits in Maine!”

10 - The Real Prosthetic Foot Please Stand Up!

“The Real Prosthetic Foot please stand up!!!!!!”

11 - Putting my Leg to Good Use at the Beach!

“Putting my leg to good use at the beach. As a cup holder.”

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