Amputee Mountain Biking – It’s a Cinch with the Right Fitting Prosthesis

Ever wanted to barrel down a mountain on a bike, navigating sharp turns with the wind in your face and the sun at your back? Ever think that it couldn’t happen, or it wouldn’t be much fun, because you have a prosthesis and wouldn’t be able to maneuver the bike well or your prosthetic limb might come loose?

Enter the world of high-tech prosthetic limbs and incredibly well-fitting sockets. For amputees who want to take on the world in their sports and activities, they have high standards, and higher demands, for the fit, feel, and capabilities of their limbs. They won’t accept anything holding them back from reaching that next goal, whether it be nailing a jump on a mountain bike, cornering a hairpin turn, or navigating rough and bumpy terrain for miles.

In order to give amputees the ability to perform at their best, it is absolutely imperative that their prosthetist provide them the best fitting socket and an advanced prosthesis that is capable of flexibility and high-function. The often-overlooked element in this scenario is the fit of the socket – this is the part of a prosthetist’s job that doesn’t make headlines or spur interesting cocktail-party conversations, but is the key to giving amputees the opportunity to reach their own goals – whether they involve high speeds, high jumps, or precise landings.

And who better to know what high-performance sports enthusiasts need from their prosthetic limbs than a prosthetist who is in the same situation, and has achieved Paralympic gold medal status for himself? Check out our own sports enthusiast, Jason, on the mountain bike trail below, and see what can be achieved:

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