Back to the Future of Prosthetics

If you’re over 30 years old, you may remember that in the Back to the Future movies, the future was 2015 (wow, we’re there already??). When Marty, Doc Brown and Jennifer hit 88mph in their DeLorean time machine, they were greeted with flying cars running on Plutonium, anti-gravity hoverboards, and food rehydrators, among many other cool inventions. While many of these have yet to exist (though we still have nearly a year to get there); the writers of those classic movies weren’t able to predict the future of prosthetics, which is pretty incredible in 2015.

Here are a few of the futuristic inventions that we’re seeing changing the lives of amputees:  Continue reading “Back to the Future of Prosthetics”

5 Common Misconceptions about Amputees

We work with amputees of all ages, genders, social and economic levels, and activity levels. Some of them come to us after years of unsatisfactory treatment from other facilities, some come to us after a traumatic incident such as a motorcycle crash or act of war, and others come because of limb loss due to cancer, birth defect, or a disease such as diabetes. Most of our clients are local to New England, but some travel across the country or around the world to receive their medical care and treatment here. The point is that every person we treat has their own story, their own starting point, their own goals and aspirations, and their own unique set of circumstances that sets them apart.

In stressing that amputees cannot be placed into a category and assumed to share all of the same interests and characteristics, we wanted to address some common misconceptions that people have about amputees (and that many recent amputees have about their own future). So here goes: Continue reading “5 Common Misconceptions about Amputees”