Summer Camps for Amputee Kids

Summer is a great time for children with limb loss to meet and socialize with other kids of similar abilities. Summer camps and adaptive programs also give kids an opportunity to try new sports and activities in an environment specially designed just for them.

Here are some options to consider this summer and for future planning:

Camp No Limits not only provides adaptive summer camps for children with limb loss, they also focus on education, mentorship, and support for the whole family. They are nationwide with 10 locations: Maine, Missouri, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida, Idaho, California, Arizona, and Texas. They offer a daily schedule of activities within four programs: Education & Therapy, Sports & Recreation, Creative Arts & Music, and Evening Programs.

Adventure Amputee Summer Camp is held in Bryson City, North Carolina. Their mission is “to encourage children with amputations or limb differences to stretch their potential and imagination, and explore all that is possible.”

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Summer Sports for Amputees

After an especially long winter, everyone is looking to get outdoors and breathe in some fresh spring air. Participating in sports helps amputees of all ages maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Luckily, New England offers a variety of adaptive summer sports.

Exploring roads and trails:

Cycling – Take your bike on relaxing trails to rough terrain. Even for amputees, anything is possible. New England Adaptive Sports is a great resource for finding an upcoming adaptive ride. Check out our prosthetist, Jason Lalla, as he navigates bumps and turns on his bike!

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