Advances in Prosthetics: Biking with the Bartlett Tendon Prosthesis

For amputees who enjoy adventure biking, the Bartlett Tendon Universal Knee System delivers “more power to the pedal.” It’s a huge breakthrough for amputee cyclists, especially on hills and rough terrain. The Bartlett Tendon Knee System prosthesis or “BTK” was designed to be used in extreme environments. It mimics the natural movement of a human knee and can be easily adjusted depending on the trail and the rider.

Innovative Technology

According to the manufacturer, Fabtech Systems, the smooth action of the BTK is “accomplished by the combination of the newest generation 4.2 Monarch air/oil Rock Shox unit and a patented multi-durometer elastic tendon configuration. This technology works together to provide a muscle-driven system that delivers smooth, consistent energy return and unique user feedback.”

Powerful, Smooth Action

For the amputee cyclist, this provides much smoother action on the bike and the ability to stand up and pedal as they would with full use of the quadriceps muscles. This provides a level of activity that was not possible for above-knee amputees before the Bartlett Tendon. Now, even the most adventurous amputees can get the control, stability, and power they need to go the extra mile – even if it is over rocks or through mud!

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Fall Hiking Tips for Amputees

Summer beach days, water sports, and warm weather fun may be just a memory now that fall is here. Luckily, it’s the perfect time of the year for a hike in the great outdoors! Here in New England, we have the added benefit of changing leaves and scenic vistas. New England also offers a variety of hiking terrain for amputees at all levels.

Fit for the Challenge

Before heading out on any hike, be sure to check with your prosthetist. You’ll want to ensure that your fit is perfect for your desired level of activity, that all components are working as they should be, and that your overall prosthesis is fit for the challenge.

What to Bring

Bring a friend (or several) to join you on your hike. Share the scenery and the fun! Next Step also recommends bringing a few other things depending on your amputation level and interface:

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Behind the Scenes with Prosthetist Ian Gray

Next Step is fortunate to have the most qualified and attentive prosthetists and staff.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care on every level and getting to know our clients very well. We’d like to help you get to know us too!

Ian Gray spending quality time with his beautiful family.

Please meet Ian Gray, who has been a prosthetist with Next Step for eight years. He works in the Newton, MA Office and lives in Framingham, MA. Ian has been in the industry for 12 years.

Here is a little bit more about Ian from a recent Q&A session:

What is your primary role/responsibility?

Providing quality care that exceeds our clients expectations and overseeing the highest quality of fabrication.

 Why did you choose to go into this field?

As a kid growing up with a mother who is an above knee amputee, I was fascinated with prosthetics. Also, I always enjoyed working with my hands and was always interested in how the human body works as well as sport science. Prosthetics was a natural fit.
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