Behind The Scenes: Our Halloween Costumes

Halloween doesn’t just have to be for our #NextStepKids. We love our tradition of celebrating Halloween in the office so we encouraged our employees, across all three offices, to think creatively and dress up.

Every year, this day brings us good laughs without fail.

We wanted to share the excitement beyond our office walls and give you a behind the scenes look at some of the fun we had!

We think our employees’ personalities shined, what do you think?

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Best New England Hikes for Amputees

There couldn’t be a better time to live in or travel to New England than the fall. The season lifts the spirits of New Englanders who know that snow and cold are on their way, and also draws in thousands of tourists from across the country. Visitors and residents all enjoy changing leaves, crisp autumn air, festivals, and pumpkin picking.

Fall is also the perfect time to enjoy a scenic hike. Here is a list of the best New England hikes for amputees to get you started on finding the perfect trail for your next outdoor adventure:

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Politics, Insurance, and Community Involvement: How We’re Supporting Amputees

Our clients see us in our offices, helping amputees and managing the daily operations of the business. They watch us perform exams, do fittings, and work in the lab to perfect a socket or add a custom design to a prosthesis. They also know we communicate with insurance providers to ensure coverage of necessary equipment and services.

Behind the Scenes in Politics

What they likely don’t see is all of the work we do behind the scenes to support our clients’ rights and opportunities. Luckily, being a New Hampshire business means being based where the ‘first in the nation’ primary elections are also held. Here, we have the unique opportunity to host the tours of interested political candidates each election season. This gives us an opportunity to speak to them very frankly about the needs of amputees and veterans.

We show politicians and dignitaries the work we do as the best prosthetics company in New England. We also make sure they understand the many issues that our clients experience with insurance providers, government oversight of insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, and the VA.

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