Veterans & Active-Duty Military: This is Why We ‘Ask the Question’

Veterans & Military Ask the QuestionAs a service member, veteran, or military family member, you may not have considered sharing your service history with doctors, school administrators, sports organizations, or your prosthetist. This could be particularly true if you have an injury that seems unrelated to your military affiliation. The omission could be costing you missed opportunities and benefits.

Making the Connection

For example, consider a veteran who returned home, went to work for a company with a private, employer-sponsored insurance plan, and then lost a limb due to cancer or diabetes later in life. They would likely navigate the process of surgery, rehabilitation, and prosthetic services with their private insurance provider. Meanwhile, they may not realize they could be entitled to coverage of prostheses and/or services through their VA benefits.  The question never came up because they didn’t see a connection between their illness-related amputation and their past military service.  Continue reading “Veterans & Active-Duty Military: This is Why We ‘Ask the Question’”