Rio 2016: – Who to Watch

The 2016 Paralympic Games will take place from September 7 – 18 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is being called, “A once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness unimaginable athletic performances.” The 2016 Games are set to be the biggest yet with more than 4,300 athletes competing in 22 sports.

As part of the global media coverage reaching billions of views in more than hundred countries, NBC and NBCSN will show 66 hours of amazing Paralympic events. This represents an increase of 60.5 hours from the coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, and more interest by viewers around the world than ever.

Largest Paralympics in History

Rio will host the largest ever Paralympic Games, with athletes from over 170 countries competing in more than 20 sports ranging from archery and judo to sitting volleyball and wheelchair fencing.

Athletes to Watch

With such a large roster of athletes looking to make their mark on the world, there are sure to be clear stand-outs as well as some surprises. Here are some of the most notable athletes representing the USA at the 2016 Paralympic GamesContinue reading “Rio 2016: – Who to Watch”

Why We Don’t Focus on the ‘Shiny Things’: It’s About People, Not Technology

prosthetics technologyAny prosthetics provider can access the same technology. The difference between providers is in what they do with that technology. The approach is critical.

Consider the differences between surgeons: they all have access to the same educational materials, the same technology, the same equipment, and the same types of hospital facilities. However, there can be enormous differences in a patient’s outcome when their surgery is performed by one surgeon versus another. Continue reading “Why We Don’t Focus on the ‘Shiny Things’: It’s About People, Not Technology”