The Best Amputee Halloween Costumes We’ve Seen

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Amputees can have the best Halloween costumes.

It’s that time of year for crazy, funny, scary, satirical, peculiar, and magical. You can be anything but yourself on Halloween. There is still time left to come up with the perfect costume, and we’ve seen some of the best on amputees that might inspire you.

Paralympian Josh Sundquist is a tremendous athlete, but you probably know him best for the epic costumes he creates. His Halloween disguises go viral every year because he comes up with amazingly creative ideas to dress up in ways only a person with one leg can.

First, there was the gingerbread man, with a “bite” taken out.

gingerbread man amputee costume

Then, the most famous prop from “A Christmas Story,” the leg lamp.

amputee costume leg lamp

2013’s flamingo costume also was an impressive optical illusion.

amputee costume flamingo

Did you see Josh as the foosball soccer player?

amputee costume foosball player

Last year’s costume advertised pancakes, but you could be any kind of sign.

amputee costume ihop

But this year’s creation might be the best Josh has thought up yet.

amputee costume beauty and the beast

His wife is dressing up as Belle. Of course!

A couple years ago, Next Step helped former Paralympic skier Luba transition into an authentic pirate for the night!

amputee costume pirate

We hope these ideas have jumpstarted your imagination for the holiday. We can’t wait to see your creative costumes this year. Be sure to post a photo of your costume on our Facebook page to share with the community!

And to learn more about what Josh Sundquist is up to, check out his website and blog here.