Baby Steps – Raising an Amputee Child

raising- amputee childCongratulations! You are the parent of a uniquely gifted and beautiful child. The years ahead are guaranteed to be full of love, joy, worry, frustration, and uncertainty as you navigate this journey of life together.  If your child also happens to be one with a limb difference, either an amputee child or a child with birth defect limb loss, the path forward may look especially difficult. (If you are an expectant parent of a child with limb loss, see this recent blog post on Expecting an Amputee Child.) Continue reading “Baby Steps – Raising an Amputee Child”

Ten Fingers, Five Toes on the Ultrasound – Expecting an Amputee Child

Expecting Amputee ChildViewing the ultrasound of your unborn child is a momentous event, mixed with equal parts anxiety and excitement. The scan makes you wonder, “Is everything ok?” “Is it a girl or a boy?” “Will s/he have my nose?”

What happens when the ultrasound technician pulls back, retreats to find your doctor, and eventually shares that your child has a birth defect such as a missing limb or congenital amputation?

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