Veteran Amputee Speaks About Transitioning to the Civilian World

I’m definitely in a different mental mindset now than I was prior to the start of my fire training.  If you don’t realize that there are clear lines between military life and civilian life and you’re still constantly chasing that high of being in combat, you’re going to find yourself very unsatisfied with almost everything you do.  Continue reading “Veteran Amputee Speaks About Transitioning to the Civilian World”

Resources to Serve Disabled Veterans

Disabled VeteransYou’ve served, sacrificed, and conquered challenges that seemed insurmountable. You’re ready for that fresh start and new roadblocks emerge. How do you navigate the equipment, transportation, educational, and business challenges ahead? You need resources and have no idea where to start.  Grants for disabled veterans, as well as other resources, can be hard to find, as they come from numerous and diverse organizations – everything from federal, state, local, and corporate to nonprofits.  Continue reading “Resources to Serve Disabled Veterans”

Amputee Veteran Firefighter Talks About Overcoming Doubts

Most of the struggles that I encountered in this process at the beginning, whether it’s people wondering if prosthetics would be able to hold up to the physical rigors of the job and the heat resistance, ultimately comes down to this, my real legs are not heat resistant.  So if I were to be in a situation where something was to happen with fire I would prefer it to be with a fake leg anyway.   It was a lot of people asking me ‘how are you going to do this?” I don’t know if they had doubts but I knew that I didn’t have doubts.  That I’d be able to to keep up with the other people in the class without the disability that I have. I remember one day I heard an instructor yelling at one of the other students: “What the heck is wrong with you? There’s a firefighter here with one leg that’s kicking your ass.” It’s things like that that are nice to hear.  Lets you know that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  That you’re up to par with everybody else. Continue reading “Amputee Veteran Firefighter Talks About Overcoming Doubts”