Training for Paralympics – Muji Karim

It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be on the 2016 USA Paralympics team.  It honestly never ever crossed my mind at all that it wouldn’t happen.

Everything that I have been known for since my accident is about picking yourself up. After many of my disappointments or not making the cut I’ve made adjustments and got back up. That’s always the next step for me. Continue reading “Training for Paralympics – Muji Karim”

An Open Letter to Veteran Amputees Just Living Their Lives: You Don’t Have to Climb Mt. Everest to be Our Hero

veteran amputee The media loves stories of veterans who take on an enormous goal after being wounded in combat. The spotlight shines brightly on heroic feats such as climbing the world’s tallest mountains, running across a whole state or even the entire country, or competing in the Paralympics. We admit, we love these stories too. These tales, and the warriors within them, are inspirational. They give us something to shoot for; a reason to feel like everything’s going to be okay, and that anything is possible. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Veteran Amputees Just Living Their Lives: You Don’t Have to Climb Mt. Everest to be Our Hero”

Amputee Veteran Trains to Become A Firefighter

I always thought it was a long shot for me to be in the fire department.   There wasn’t many times in my life that I felt pity for myself or felt that I couldn’t do something but in that context of having to put myself socially back into society as well as physically,  I didn’t know how that would work.   That’s when I said,  ‘you’re gonna try this.   I haven’t done anything yet that I haven’t been able to do.  I can do anything that anybody else can do.  I just have to find a different way to do it  sometimes.’  Continue reading “Amputee Veteran Trains to Become A Firefighter”

Summer Camps for Kids with Disabilities

amputee kids summer campIt may be only March when the snow and cold temperatures make fun in the sun seem far away, but registrations are already flowing into area summer camps. If you are a parent of an amputee child, you may have never even considered sending your child to camp. You (naturally) worry about a new environment, new acquaintances, and new challenges away from home. Did you know there special summer camps and summer programs for amputee kids? In addition to exclusive camps for kids with disabilities, there are organizations that provide day or weekend programs and activities, as well as special learning experiences. These camps and organizations do an incredible job of providing inclusive activities for children of all abilities.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best in New England. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Continue reading “Summer Camps for Kids with Disabilities”

Your Child Has Fibular Hemimelia; What Now?

Fibular HemimeliaYou’ve just had your ultrasound, and the doctor delivers the sobering news that your child will be born with a condition called fibular hemimelia. Fibular hemimelia, the shortening or absence of the fibula, one of the two lower leg bones along with the tibia, is a non-genetic condition (when it does not occur with birth defects in other limbs) that leads to limb length differences, foot deformities, and knee ligament problems, among others. If your child has fibular hemimelia, you know you have an important decision to make – should you commit you and your child to a course of treatment designed to lengthen the affected limb, or do you amputate? The question of limb lengthening vs. amputation is critical, not only for your child’s physical, but for their emotional wellness. Do you pursue the final course of amputation or do you try to “save” the affected limb first? Continue reading “Your Child Has Fibular Hemimelia; What Now?”