Amputee Veteran Trains to Become A Firefighter

Amputee Veteran Firefighter

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I always thought it was a long shot for me to be in the fire department.   There wasn’t many times in my life that I felt pity for myself or felt that I couldn’t do something but in that context of having to put myself socially back into society as well as physically,  I didn’t know how that would work.   That’s when I said,  ‘you’re gonna try this.   I haven’t done anything yet that I haven’t been able to do.  I can do anything that anybody else can do.  I just have to find a different way to do it  sometimes.’ 

It was at that point I sign up for the fire academy.  I was in a class full of young 20 something year olds at 31 years old knowing right away that I had to do something to set myself apart because I was immediately at a disadvantage.  It just made me more determined.  It made me drive harder, made me to try hard, and it made me push.  I remembered it was  long days,  heavy equipment,  going up and down stairs, and   ladders.  Those days I’d go home and after taking my leg off I wouldn’t be able to put it back on for the  rest of the day.  I did everything at the academy as good if not better than everybody else in that class and I was highly successful there.   You just have to keep that mindset that this is what I’m doing,  this is my goal, these are the things I’m doing, and don’t let that stop you.

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