Training for Paralympics – Muji Karim

Training for Paralympics

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It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be on the 2016 USA Paralympics team.  It honestly never ever crossed my mind at all that it wouldn’t happen.

Everything that I have been known for since my accident is about picking yourself up. After many of my disappointments or not making the cut I’ve made adjustments and got back up. That’s always the next step for me.

I’m still going to to compete as a Paralympic athlete. I gave myself three years when i first got my legs and it’s only been a year and three months.  The fact that i was as close to qualifying as I was this year lets me know my three year goal  is maybe even been too long so next hit. Next year, I’ll be ready to go,

I’m just being you know being a good dad being a good husband being a good friend being support inspiration to people who may need it. That’s my everyday goal in life. Those things comes first in then than all my goals will follow.
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