Spring Sports for Amputees

veteran amputee golfWho isn’t psyched for longer days, warmer temperatures, and the chance to get back out there and enjoy our favorite spring sports and activities? It’s also a great way to connect with other athletes and enjoy the camaraderie of taking on challenges together. If you’re ready to explore something new or are a more recent amputee ready to get active, you probably have some questions about your options, what you’ll need, and where you can go to find the resources and programs that are just right for you. To help, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite resources with the information and sports activities guaranteed to help get athletes at any level back on the field.

Disabled Sports USA has valuable information on many diverse sports – both the popular and a little off the beaten path (Boccia anyone?). This is a great place to start with questions on what to expect and what preparation/equipment you will need. Be sure to check out adaptive sport locations here.

Adaptive Sports New England is dedicated to encouraging more participation in sports among youth and those with visual or mobility challenges. Here you’ll find a regional calendar with events ranging from basketball to archery. Want to get inspired? Check out this page of New England athletes who competed for Team USA in the 2016 Paralympics. Continue reading “Spring Sports for Amputees”

Veteran Marine On Why He Chose Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics

I chose Next Step as my prosthetics provider after receiving a list of options that I have in the area. Setting up appointments, coming into the clinics, meeting the staff, and really trying to figure out the best option for me as far as my prosthetics. I knew this was going to be a long road and that this is not a decision that I should be making lightly. Fortunately, I picked Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, which has been the best thing I’ve done for my medical needs since I’ve gotten home by far. Continue reading “Veteran Marine On Why He Chose Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics”

How I Trained For Paralympic Sprinting – Muji Karim

My training schedule leading up to the paralympic trials was really intense. I was on the track five days a week and did many different variations of sprints. My sprints were all based around speed, endurance and technique.

In order to prepare I did double of every workout I was supposed to be doing. If I was supposed to do 8, I would do 16 an if others did 5, I would do 10. This is because I know a lot of guys who I was competing against have had 5, 10 even 20 years in these in these prosthetics. For me to get where I wanted to be, when I wanted to be there, I needed to do much more. Continue reading “How I Trained For Paralympic Sprinting – Muji Karim”

Diving With One Leg – Amputee Diving

When I was in college, I started studying history and by my end of my freshman year, I narrowed my focus more in conservation and environmental science. As I made the transition into environmental science, I also began a minor in organismic and evolutionary biology as a secondary field.

I took a course on in invertebrate biology with two wonderful professors at Harvard and the course included a trip to Panama. We went during spring break and I did a lot of reed biology research and snorkeling. On the last day of our trip, we were scheduled to go diving. I’ve never dove before and I was really excited and also a little nervous. However, I went to the class and did a diving exploration and I got hooked. Continue reading “Diving With One Leg – Amputee Diving”