How I Trained For Paralympic Sprinting – Muji Karim

Training for Paralympic Sprinting

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My training schedule leading up to the paralympic trials was really intense. I was on the track five days a week and did many different variations of sprints. My sprints were all based around speed, endurance and technique.

In order to prepare I did double of every workout I was supposed to be doing. If I was supposed to do 8, I would do 16 an if others did 5, I would do 10. This is because I know a lot of guys who I was competing against have had 5, 10 even 20 years in these in these prosthetics. For me to get where I wanted to be, when I wanted to be there, I needed to do much more.

Sprinting has increased my quality of life. I’ve gotten better shape, I’ve become more agile and I can walk around easily even when carrying my son. I improved on all these things and I didn’t even realize the sprinting was the major  benefit.

Whether any of the goals I’ve set for myself on the track happen or not, my workouts are helping me out of my everyday life. It’s why I’ll continue to do this either way. Winning or not – but it’s more than likely I’ll win!
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