Our Difference

matt dewittQuality of Life for Amputees

Prosthetic limbs improve the quality of life for amputees, and Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. seeks to provide the prosthetic care every amputee deserves. Not only do we have the most recent bionic and prosthetic technologies available, but we also focus on ensuring that our patients have proper-fitting sockets. We know that prosthetic devices are custom-made and each patient is unique. This is what sets Next Step apart. In short, we call it e-motion.

Next Step’s Team Approach

At Next Step, we equip patients with something to improve their lives, while potentially entering into a lifelong relationship with them. From the very first appointment, our team establishes a connection with patients, offering the resources necessary for them to succeed. The understanding Next Step provides amputees, their families, and their friends makes all of the difference.

Copyright 2013 by Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, LLC. Image may not be used or republished without express written permission. All rights reserved.Next Step truly takes a comprehensive approach to prosthetic support. Our prosthetists, assistants, technicians, and administrative professionals work together to guarantee that we offer the best possible care. Next Step prosthetists consult with patients’ surgeons, doctors, and physical therapists to establish treatment options. In addition, three members of our clinical staff are amputees themselves, and employees regularly volunteer within the amputee community.

We have accessible state-of-the-art facilities throughout New England to assist amputees regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our on-site fabrication labs allow for quick turnaround times and expedited fittings, along with adjustments and alignments during follow-up appointments. We can even perform repairs and craft cosmetic covers while patients wait. Next Step’s three Amputee Care Centers collaborate regularly, streamlining processes and capitalizing on the strengths of employees at each location.

Prosthetic Limb Care and Maintenance

Next Step is equipped to provide the ongoing care and maintenance that prostheses require. We schedule return visits to check the functionality of components and the fit of socket interfaces. Prosthetic maintenance and a good, comfortable fit are critical to the success of our patients. We especially monitor our Next Step Kids as they grow.

We understand things change as well – residual limbs, health situations, activity levels, and life aspirations – and our patients’ prosthetic needs must be reevaluated at times. Next Step encourages patients to contact us if they have any problems with the fit and function of their prostheses or if they have any skin issues on their residual limbs.

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