Massachusetts Prosthetic Services

newton-ma-services-129While all of Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc.’s facilities essentially offer the same services, there are certain things that set each one apart and give our Amputee Care Centers lives of their own. We like to emphasize the strengths within our team, in order to provide only the best for our patients and our communities.

Specialties of Next Step in Newton, MA

Our Newton Amputee Care Center is outside of Boston, with access to public transportation and connections to some of the top healthcare facilities in the nation. Newton’s prosthetists work with surgeons, doctors, and physical therapists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation, regularly visiting these facilities to see patients, attend appointments, and offer in-services. We also give demonstrations of bionic and prosthetic devices off-site and at our Newton office itself.

Newton moved to a new location in August 2013 for a comfortable environment that accommodates the expansion of our patient base and meets production needs. Within this space, Newton is the first Next Step facility to offer physical therapy onsite, as we partner with other medical professionals to provide a complete approach to patient care. Additionally, we continue to collaborate with companies like Liberating Technologies, Qinetiq North America, and Vivonics in the research and development of prosthetic technologies, and we are contracted with the Boston Veterans Affairs Office to meet the prosthetic needs of area veterans.

Please be sure to see our Bionics & Prosthetics and Next Step Kids pages to find out more about our services. For information on the Newton, MA Amputee Care Center in particular, please call .