Rhode Island Prosthetic Services

warwick-ri-services-130While all of Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc.’s facilities essentially offer the same services, there are certain things that set each one apart and give our Amputee Care Centers lives of their own. We like to emphasize the strengths within our team, in order to provide only the best for our patients and our communities.

Specialties of Next Step in Warwick, RI

Our presence in Warwick allows us to have relationships with the area’s surgeons, doctors, and physical therapists, especially at Kent Hospital and the Southern New England Rehabilitation Center at Fatima Hospital. We arrange in-services for our referral sources and hold office demonstrations of new bionic and prosthetic technologies for our patients. Next Step’s personal approach to prosthetic care, quick turnaround times, expedited fittings, and suction socket designs set it apart from the local competition in Rhode Island.

The Warwick facility is known for a relaxed atmosphere, caring employees, and flexible appointment scheduling. During initial visits and subsequent care, patients often describe their trust in Next Step and express that our staff invests the time and attention necessary to achieve results. We also go out of our way to encourage interaction between amputees, a level of support that is vital to a lifetime of prosthetic care.

Please be sure to see our Bionics & Prosthetics and Next Step Kids pages to find out more about our services. For information about our Warwick, RI Amputee Care Center in particular, please call 401.736.8985.