Your Child Has Fibular Hemimelia; What Now?

Fibular HemimeliaYou’ve just had your ultrasound, and the doctor delivers the sobering news that your child will be born with a condition called fibular hemimelia. Fibular hemimelia, the shortening or absence of the fibula, one of the two lower leg bones along with the tibia, is a non-genetic condition (when it does not occur with birth defects in other limbs) that leads to limb length differences, foot deformities, and knee ligament problems, among others. If your child has fibular hemimelia, you know you have an important decision to make – should you commit you and your child to a course of treatment designed to lengthen the affected limb, or do you amputate? The question of limb lengthening vs. amputation is critical, not only for your child’s physical, but for their emotional wellness. Do you pursue the final course of amputation or do you try to “save” the affected limb first? Continue reading “Your Child Has Fibular Hemimelia; What Now?”