Traveling with a Prosthesis – Navigating Airport Security, Road Trips, and Unfamiliar Destinations

Traveling with a Prosthesis

It’s that time of year again when we pack up and get out of town for vacation. If you are anticipating a flight or getting on the (not so) open road, traveling with a prosthesis takes some extra preparation and planning. Whether you are staying in the U.S. or traveling abroad, while we can’t promise a stress-free traveling experience, we can help avoid some common challenges.

Before You Go

You’ll want to inspect your prosthesis at least a month before you travel. If you see any cracks, tears, loose parts, or if the fit has changed, see your prosthetist to make sure it is in top shape. Also, visit your prosthetist for guidance and any recommended equipment if you will be engaging in special or prolonged activity. Not only does he/she know you and your prosthesis best, the last thing you want to do is look for a prosthetist while you’re on vacation far from home.  Continue reading “Traveling with a Prosthesis – Navigating Airport Security, Road Trips, and Unfamiliar Destinations”

Preparing For a Hike – Mountain Climbing – Life As An Amputee

For my hike in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the top of the Nyiragongo Volcano, it didn’t take too much preparation because I’d already been hiking a lot in Mount Kilimanjaro and other places. But one of the biggest considerations I always have is my knees. So, I had knee surgery several times and what that means is that my prosthetic is meant to make sure that it’s not putting a lot of pressure on those incision marks but it still does just because the nature of hiking requires you to have a lot of mobility and flexibility in your knees.  Continue reading “Preparing For a Hike – Mountain Climbing – Life As An Amputee”

Diving With One Leg – Amputee Diving

When I was in college, I started studying history and by my end of my freshman year, I narrowed my focus more in conservation and environmental science. As I made the transition into environmental science, I also began a minor in organismic and evolutionary biology as a secondary field.

I took a course on in invertebrate biology with two wonderful professors at Harvard and the course included a trip to Panama. We went during spring break and I did a lot of reed biology research and snorkeling. On the last day of our trip, we were scheduled to go diving. I’ve never dove before and I was really excited and also a little nervous. However, I went to the class and did a diving exploration and I got hooked. Continue reading “Diving With One Leg – Amputee Diving”