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What Sets Next Step Apart

bionics-and-prosthetics-services-148Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. services patients of all ages from around the world, who have various goals and prosthetic needs. Our main objective is to help patients live actively with the aid of well-fitting socket interfaces for their prostheses. We maintain the highest standard of patient care and give personal attention every step of the way.

Advanced Prosthetics and Bionic Technology

Next Step is at the forefront of emerging technologies in the industry and offers patients the very latest advancements in the field. We were one of the first companies in the nation certified to provide the iWalk BiOM device and the Hi-Fidelity Interface socket design. We partner with research facilities to develop new products and beta-test components not yet available to the public. Because of our relationships with prosthetic manufacturers, we can showcase the most progressive devices on the market and educate staff, medical personnel, and patients.

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Prosthetic Reminders and Maintenance

Next Step sends prosthetic reminder cards if records show that patients were not seen for six months. Regular follow-up visits extend the life of a prosthesis, ensure the user’s safety, and set aside a time for the prosthetist to examine the amputee’s residual limb, socket interface, and prosthetic components. Reminders for high-tech devices are mailed as well, according to warranty schedules of specific prosthetic or bionic devices. This protects the patient’s investment in technology and allows Next Step to arrange for possible service with the manufacturer.

Next Step encourages amputees to examine their prosthesis and residual limb daily and contact us with questions or concerns about prosthetic care.

Pre- and Post-Operative Consultations

bionics-and-prosthetics-services-149We are available to be there from the start of an amputee’s journey, whether limb loss is anticipated or sudden. Next Step provides pre- and post-operative consultations for amputees, their families, and their friends both on- and off-site. We explain the prosthetic process and answer any questions that arise, as we work with surgeons, doctors, and therapists to establish appropriate treatment plans for every unique situation.

Amputee Prosthetists and Assistants

Next Step staff members are prosthetic experts with years of experience in the field. All of our prosthetists and assistants are ABC-certified, trained to offer only the best clinical care. Three of these individuals are amputees themselves, and they can relate to patients in a special way through their firsthand experiences. With an amputee on staff in each New England-based location, Next Step is able to provide unparalleled compassion, understanding, and knowledge.

Helpful Administrative Staff

The administrative staff at Next Step is available to address patients’ billing inquiries or concerns. We remain informed about the ever-changing insurance industry, run courtesy benefit checks, and regularly communicate any documentation requirements to patients and their physicians. These staff members are Next Step’s biggest patient advocates and fight for prosthetic coverage from insurance companies. Our administrative employees ensure personal attention is given to each patient and every device, from start to finish.

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Welcoming Reception Areas and Exam Rooms

When patients enter Next Step facilities, they are greeted by comfortable surroundings and friendly staff members who truly care. Our waiting areas and exam rooms allow visitors to remain relaxed, with free wireless internet, cable television, and beverages available. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to feel at-home, as they interact with our employees and fellow Next Step patients.

Facility Tours and Prosthetic Education

Next Step offers tours of the Amputee Care Centers, along with instruction for patients, physicians, and the surrounding communities. We are happy to provide in-services and demonstrations for medical professionals, school tours and lectures for all ages, and professional presentations for special events.  Next Step is proud to be considered an authority on prosthetics and gladly shares its resources with anyone who is interested.