Next Step Kids

Prosthetic Care for Child Amputees

next-step-kids-158Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. has a strong reputation for pediatric care, and we consider it an honor to navigate the prosthetic journey with children and their families. We take great pride in the fact that we are a healthcare provider making a measurable difference in the lives of young amputees, helping our Next Step Kids as they grow and discover the world.

Our difference is rooted in the level of attention and forms of assistance we present to children with amputations. The support we give them and their families is unmatched in the prosthetic profession. The Next Step team encourages young patients and supplies necessary resources to parents.

We create opportunities for children with limb differences and parents to interact with one another, both inside our facilities and through outside events. Because of this, we have a high retention rate among our Next Step Kids, and we have the privilege of offering them a lifetime of prosthetic care.

Prosthetic Fabrication and Fitting

next-step-kids-159From start to finish, our prosthetists, assistants, and technicians work together to ensure that a prosthetic device is fashioned to meet the unique needs of each Next Step Kid. We use a specialized fitting procedure that includes casting for a custom mold and fashioning clear check sockets, which let prosthetists observe how the sockets fit on residual limbs.

Our facilities are equipped with on-site fabrication labs where we have complete control over the development of a child’s prosthesis. Fine-tuning and adjustments happen quickly, allowing our young patients to leave the office with a comfortable prosthesis.

For more detailed information, please refer to the page that outlines the prosthetic process.

Prosthetic Maintenance and a Lifetime of Care

After a child receives their prosthesis, visits for follow-up care are necessary to recheck the fit and function of a prosthesis, along with the residual limb and range of motion. Taking care of any repairs and keeping a child on the move is in the best interest of safety and overall well-being. Due to growth and evolving goals, minor adjustments may be needed to assist the child, and we work with kids, parents, and physicians to determine when a new socket or a change in the prosthetic design is required.

We encourage children and their parents to check the condition of the residual limb daily for signs that prostheses no longer fit properly. A daily check of the prosthetic components for integrity and functionality is also recommended. Please contact us immediately if there are any questions, concerns, or signs of discomfort.