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Prosthetic Technologies for Child Amputees

next-step-kids-products-151At Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. we are proud to offer only the latest prosthetic technology to our Next Step Kids. Whatever a child’s goals and activities, we have access to prosthetic components that ensure success. There are numerous ways to customize a prosthesis and make it as fun as it is functional. We celebrate the differences among our Next Step Kids and fashion their prostheses to reflect who they are and demonstrate what they can do.

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Custom Prosthetic Socket Laminations

Next Step can modify the appearance of any prosthetic socket using fabric lamination techniques. Some children or parents want the prosthesis to look as natural as possible; others prefer it to be one-of-a-kind. Our technicians work with Next Step Kids, their families, and their prosthetists to decide on specific patterns. Children are amazed when they see the results, and we are honored to provide them with prostheses that match their personalities. Recent custom lamination designs include Sponge Bob, flames, the Celtics, and frogs with flowers.

Waterproof Prosthetic Limbs

next-step-kids-products-152While all prosthetic components are water-resistant to a certain extent, Next Step recommends waterproof prosthetic devices for situations in which the prosthesis must be submerged. We provide waterproof prosthetic limbs to assist kids with showering and swimming. Because waterproof prostheses feature parts that are specifically designed for use in the water, young amputees are empowered to cultivate their life skills at home and take part in social situations.

Prosthetic Components for Children

Next Step has access to the greatest kid-friendly prosthetic components on the market. Please contact us to speak with a prosthetist about the many available options, and together we can determine what is right for a particular child. Here is some of the selection for Next Step Kids:

  • The Truper Foot from College Park is sized for younger children, with a rugged yet flexible design.
  • The Trustep Foot from College Park is the ideal for lifestyles and foot sizes of older children.
  • The Total Knee Junior from Ossur is durable but lightweight to give kids the freedom to be kids.
  • The Flex-Foot Junior and Flex-Run Junior from Ossur are carbon fiber feet for active kids of all ages.
  • The CAPP Hand from Hosmer is a terminal device with a cosmetic appearance in three skin tones.
  • Sports and recreation components, as well as other custom accessories, are available from Therapeutic Recreation Systems.
  • Pediatric liners include Ossur’s Iceross Dermo, Ossur’s Iceross Stabilo Junior, and Ohio Willow Wood’s Alpha Classic Pediatric Liner.