Prosthetic Services – Next Step Kids

What We Do for Our Kids

next-step-kids-services-153Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. wants Next Step Kids to enjoy active, full lives with the aid of prostheses and well-fitting socket interfaces. We work tirelessly to provide the highest level of patient care for all ages and personal attention every step of the way. Our main objective is opening doors to the future and empowering our kids to walk through them.

Kid-Friendly Environment

Making children feel at-home is an important part of the Next Step philosophy. At our three Amputee Care Centers, employees are accommodating and eager to welcome kids for appointments. The Manchester, NH facility in particular has dedicated pediatric areas, with a rain forest play room and a sea-themed exam room. Children have the opportunity to be comfortable as they receive prosthetic care, which contributes to their success. As a result, many of our Next Step Kids tell us that they look forward to spending time at our facilities.

Taking a Team Approach

Our staff takes a team approach to services for children and their family members. Prosthetists and assistants establish relationships with clients and attend appointments together to determine the most effective prosthetic treatment. We are available to consult with a child’s doctors and physical therapists to answer questions, give prosthetic guidance, and maximize the child’s potential.

Amputees are on staff in each location to offer unique perspectives on the challenges and successes of using prostheses, ultimately becoming role models for our young clients. The Next Step teamwork continues with skilled technicians in our on-site fabrication labs, who create and adjust each prosthesis to exact specifications. Our administrative staff is available on the phone or in-person to discuss concerns, present valuable resources, and walk families through the insurance process.

Part of the Prosthetic Process

find-support-133From the very first appointment, Next Step strives to include kids in the prosthetic process. We offer tours of the facility, introductions to our staff, and information about available prosthetic options. We are happy to be an educational resource for both parents and kids, as they adapt to life with prostheses as well as changes in growth and development.

Our comprehensive evaluations are provided at no cost and with no obligation. A consultation begins with listening to the specific desires of the child and parents to achieve the proper function, meet lifestyle goals, and accommodate activity levels. Information from children and their parents is vital to crafting prostheses that are the perfect fit for them.

The Right Fit

Our focus remains helping every child meet and exceed their goals, and we believe this begins with fashioning well-fitting socket interfaces. We track the growth of our pediatric clients at follow-up appointments and make adjustments or new sockets as needed. Because Next Step tailors prosthetic devices to each child’s desired look and function, we can make custom-laminated sockets and supply the latest prosthetic componentry for kids.

Support for the Whole Family

Next Step understands that support is pivotal for the children and families navigating the prosthetic journey. We work closely with the entire family throughout the fitting process, because we understand that life-changing prosthetic decisions impact the family unit. Not only do we make our staff and knowledge available daily, but we also bring Next Step Kids and parents together at appointments, activities, and special Next Step events. For children with limb differences and for their parents, talking to others with similar experiences is helpful.

Helping Kids be Kids

Most importantly, we want kids to be kids. Next Step ensures that children can do anything with their prostheses, and many of our young clients lead very active lives. From skiing to skateboarding and from surfing to cheering, Next Step Kids participate in a wide array of activities. We encourage children to get involved in recreation, to stay healthy and be social. Next Step provides information and sponsorships for events and adaptive programs. Our staff members actively volunteer at organizations like AmpSurf, Camp No Limits, and New England Handicapped Sports Association (NEHSA).

For more information about these opportunities, please refer to our Find Support page.