Welcome to Next Step

Technological innovations for bionics and prosthetics are occurring at a record pace. Many breakthrough products are being introduced by manufacturers to select companies. Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. is one of these businesses on the cutting-edge.

About Our Prosthetic Care

Since 1996, we have dedicated all of our resources to the art and science of precisely fitting artificial limbs. If the interface between device and residual limb lacks a proper fit, the amputee cannot live comfortably, regardless of the technology used. Because we understand that individuals are unique, each Next Step facility is equipped with an on-site fabrication lab. We take the time to mold, shape, and finish every prosthesis to get the right fit.

From young children to seniors to world-class athletes, we help people reach their activity potential. We have a reputation for successfully fitting amputees who were unable to achieve a proper fit in the past. We offer specialized gait analysis and training as well to ensure a smooth, natural gait pattern.

Some of our ABC-certified prosthetists and assistants are amputees themselves. They understand the particulars of wearing prosthetic devices and use their knowledge to deliver a superior fit for our patients. That is the reason our prosthetists are invited to teach current prosthetic fitting methods at seminars and educational institutions throughout the region. Next Step is also involved in developing new bionic and prosthetic technologies. Our participation in beta testing state-of-the-art components gives patients access to the latest advancements in the field.

Next Step provides inspired expertise that is dependable and compassionate. This commitment to a better quality of life is the reason we have patients from around the corner and around the world.