Stories & Testimonials – Manchester, New Hampshire

“I’ve been very lucky to find what I consider some of the most caring, compassionate people you could ever find in a company…
The difference between us and everybody else is that emotional connection that we make sure we have with people before we make them something.”

Matt Albuquerque
President of Next Step
Certified Prosthetist / Orthotist


“Having a prosthesis doesn’t change who you are. It really doesn’t.
What [direction] you were going in is going to dictate what you are on the other side of that.”

Jason Lalla
Certified Prosthetist
Above-Knee Amputee

“We had a lot of support emotionally through Next Step, and that’s really the biggest
way it’s affected our lives….
If there was one thing that I could tell a mother who is in the situation
that I am in with their child, is to accept the help that is offered to you and to
reach out to others.”

KelliAnn Mead
Mother of Next Step Kid Carter


“I want to work at Next Step… So I can help other people.”

Next Step Kids
Manchester, NH


“We have on-site fabrication; we do all our adjustments here…
Using our experience, using our teamwork, and just not stopping until it’s right,
not stopping until the client is better.”

Tech Talk
Manchester, NH